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Monday, 3 June 2013

Family moving to Montpellier...

Dear A,

Don't worry, help is at hand. You'll pick up some basic French fairly quickly and the children will too.

There are some possibilities for your children, a total of four bilingual schools all private, you can see the links on this page: http://www.moving-to-montpellier.com/2011/12/english-schooling-in-montpellier.html

Fees per child are about 3500€ per year. 

I generally suggest that for children of that age (3 & 4 yrs old) to try sending them to a local maternelle , they are so young that they will pick up French quite quickly and easily, the teething problems won't just be learning a new language but generally settling into a new country. 

I know two Italian families here, they have done the same. Perhaps there is another reason why you want to send them to a bilingual school.

You really need to choose your school before your home if you are choosing one of the private schools, if you decide to send them to public sector school then you will be allotted the school closest to where you live. 

We can assist you with finding a place to live, I would need more information from you,

  • Will you be working here and where?
  • Will you rent furnished or unfurnished? If you don't have a job here, getting an unfurnished rental can be tricky though possible
  • What would you like to rent, size, location, budget?

There are many young families here in Montpellier, from all over the world, within the English speaking group we try to meet up with the children regularly on Wednesdays.

We do charge for our services, an hourly rate, depending on your requirements I can give you an idea of how much that might be. 

Regards Lulu.

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